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Expert Vacation Rental 
Management and Optimization

Big Bear, California

How We Can Help  You

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At Bearadise, we specialize in optimizing Big Bear vacation rentals. We’ve built up a team of skilled professionals and honed our systems to maximize profit for our own properties, and we’re happy to offer our experience and expertise to unlock your property’s full potential :)

Experienced  Big Bear 
Property  Managers

If you are looking for a reliable and professional property management firm to look after your home, then look no further than Bearadise Vacation Rentals. Our experienced team is on hand to help you make the most of your investment, contact us today to get started!

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"We were definitely late comers to Bearadise and we found out the hard way what happens if you try and save a few dollars on management fees. We spent over 3 months waiting for everything to get completed and our permit to get issued.  Doritina from Bearadise gently reached out and offered their help free of obligation and we took their lifeline.  Within 7 days our permit was issued and our place was up for rental on Airbnb.


We could not be happier with the entire team to date.  The management team is prompt, the housecleaning service is prompt and thorough, the team that writes the listing does an amazing job and perhaps most importantly they are highly experienced with every tweak to optimize your property on Airbnb’s site such that you will get bookings before others even get visible listings.


Take our hard earned advice and sign up sooner rather than later and not miss out on effortlessly watching your beautiful home start making money for you."


– Rob

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Who We Are

Bearadise Vacation Rentals takes care of all the hassle of managing a vacation rental. From dealing with late night calls, to ensuring the home is cleaned between reservations, and keeping the house booked though multiple sites, we provide full-service vacation rental management. Our team handles the entire onboarding process, including permitting, background SEO, copywriting, and ensuring your property's photography is optimized for the booking platforms. Our communications team is available every day to help guests with any needs during their stay. We manage all the reservations for you, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of dates, availability, and guest requests; and our housekeeping team is available to make sure each stay is stress-free and enjoyable, as well as keeping toiletries and kitchen essentials stocked for guests. With Bearadise Vacation Rentals, you can rest assured that your rental is in good hands.

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We look forward to helping you
optimize your investment!


Why Choose Bearadise?


We believe in adding value FIRST in every situation. This applies to property owners, guests, our hosting team, and everyone we interact with. We even have an onboarding guarantee, to make sure our clients get outstanding value. 


We invest in optimizing our listings for great visibility to attract high quality guests at top prices, and specialize in dynamic pricing for our local Big Bear market to maximize each night's booking potential.


We offer one of the best vacation rental guest experiences in Big Bear, and have some of the best guest reviews of any local management option to prove it. 


We maintain over an 85% occupancy rate year-round even in the slow seasons, and our properties regularly revenue over 50% more than comparable properties. 

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